Super Exciting Craftsy News

Early last week I was accepted into the Craftsy affiliate program, which was really super exciting for me! As most of you know, I've already taken one Craftsy class, The Classic Tailored Shirt and fell in love with the Craftsy platform! So of course, I'm super excited about partnering with Craftsy and being able to support a product I love!! :)

Craftsy Logo

New Facebook Sewing Group

After talking to a few Facebook friends a few days ago, I decided to create a brand new sewing group on Facebook. Sewing It Up - Sewing for Beginners is a group with the sole mission of supporting and uplifting each other while promoting the art and craft of sewing. Even though it's only been up for a few days, we already are nearing a hundred members! Many of them are just starting out sewing, but there are also several who have an extensive sewing background! :)

This is absolutely a wonderful sewing group that I'm very thrilled, excited, and humbled to be taking a part in. I hope to see you there soon! :D

- BH

How to Sew the Invisible Ladder Stitch for Professional Results

At some point in your sewing life, you're probably going to come across a project where, after you turn it right-side out, you're left with a small gap in your seam! There are several ways to close this gap, but the most commonly used methods (machine edge-stitching and whip-stitching) leave a very sightly, unprofessional finish. The absolute best method is the ladder stitch, which if done correctly, is almost entirely invisible! So let's find out just how that's done:

Review: Craftsy's "The Classic Tailored Shirt"

A couple weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a Craftsy class I had been wanting for a while: The Classic Tailored Shirt with Pam Howard! If you've followed my blog, you should know I've made several dress shirts in the past, but thought there's always something new to learn. I definitely wasn't wrong! :)

Online Sewing Class

Weekend Project: Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

This weekend, I was bit by the vintage sewing machine bug! Saturday, I found two very promising machines: a nonworking Singer 328K for $15 with taxes and a semi-functioning Kenmore 1781 for $65 without taxes. As I was actually out of two this weekend house/dog sitting for my Aunt, my "weekend project" had to wait 'til Monday and Tuesday, but fortunately the 328K didn't need much work.