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Early last week I was accepted into the Craftsy affiliate program, which was really super exciting for me! As most of you know, I've already taken one Craftsy class, The Classic Tailored Shirt and fell in love with the Craftsy platform! So of course, I'm super excited about partnering with Craftsy and being able to support a product I love!! :)

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This Spring, my Great Aunt has contracted me to make her two different dresses, but having not made any dress in the past, I definitely want(ed) some extra information on the whole process, particularly on making adjustments and getting the right fit. So after going through the sewing courses on Craftsy, I came across The Couture Dress with Susan Khalje, which I just couldn't pass up!

Susan Khalje is a couturier and author who learned the professional techniques while working at Chez Cez et Bez, a couture salon in New York. She's also written two books on professional garment sewing, has taught across the country, and was recently awarded the ASDP's (Association of Sewing and Design Professionals) Lifetime Achievement Award. How could I pass this class up!? It's exactly what I need, right when I need it, by one of the best teachers in the country.

I started watching her course last night and have watched some today and honestly, I just don't know if I'll ever be able to post a review for it... I think my head may just explode with information first!!! It's simply amazing. I certainly don't consider myself to be a beginning sewer (maybe an advanced beginner or early intermediary sewer), but the methods and techniques she's using are just incredible! You know those "lightbulb" moments you have every now and again when sewing? I'm having them every few minutes so far watching her course! It's pretty awesome. :)

Really looking forward to finishing this course and getting a review up! Should have it up sometime (probably early) next week, so stay tuned for that. Also, as I know many of you are also bloggers yourself, if you have a relevant blog, I'd definitely encourage you to at least look into becoming a Craftsy affiliate. I don't think you'll regret it!

What are your experiences with Craftsy or other online learning platforms? Post a comment below - would love to hear from you!

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