Learning How to Crochet Video Series

This is my Learning to Crochet Video Series where I demonstrate everything you need to know to begin crocheting and then some! I do hope you enjoy and learn something useful. If you're a complete beginner to crochet, then I suggest going through each video in the order presented, watching the full video first, and then practicing what you learn, referring back to the video if you need to! If you're a more advanced crocheter, I recommend you watch videos 5 through 11 where I teach my own methods instead of the traditional ones - I promise even if you've been crocheting for decades, you'll probably learn something new!
  1. Chain Stitch and Single Crochet
  2. Half Double Crochet
  3. Double Crochet
  4. Treble Crochet and Finishing Off
  5. Alternative to Turning Chain
  6. Joining New Yarn
  7. Chainless Single Crochet Foundation
  8. Chainless Half Double Crochet Foundation
  9. Chainless Double Crochet Foundation
  10. Increase and Decrease Crochet
  11. Adjustable Magic Ring
Best wishes,


  1. Hi Brian,
    I just started to follow your tutorial on how to make a beanie using the magic ring; your steps are simple and easy to follow. Thanks!
    BTW do you have a tutorial on how to attach a handle to a crocheted tote bag. I just crocheted a tote bag but unable to find a way to attach handles without being seen from the outside. I plan to line my bag. In case you do, please advise. TY. Josephine

  2. I found your tutorial on how to make a beanie to be clear and easy to follow so I am inspired to make my first crocheted beanie. BTW, do you have a tutorial on how to attach handles to a crocheted tote bag. I made my first bag in crochet, I plan to line it, but I am desperately looking for steps to attach the handles without having the stitches seen from the outside of the bag. Can't find any tutorial - can you help? Thanks for your guidance. I am inspired to start my crocheting hobby again!!